The Fishin’ Musician and the FLW

People often ask me how in the world did my passion for fishing come together with my music career.  What can I say?  Sometimes the stars align and great things happen.  Or, sometimes you work harder than others are willing to work, and things finally begin to come together.  I had an awesome end to May and kick off for June due to an amazing opportunity with FLW.  I was invited to perform for the FLW Yeti College National Championship on May 31 on Wheeler Lake, as well as the FLW BFL All-American on Pickwick on June 2.

For the College National Championship, there were 150 fishing teams competing from schools of all sizes across the nation.  It was definitely a packed house as I performed for their registration event after a full day of travel and practice for many of them.  I did wish them all luck, of course, but had to give a special shout out to my Tarheels who were competing in UNC’s first National Championship.  Go Heels!

Fast forward from that cool opportunity to the BFL All-American, and again there was a packed house of anglers from across the country and their families.  This time, though, the event far exceeded my expectations when I realized that I would be performing for the bass fishing legend, Mr. Forest Wood, himself!  He was so supportive and encouraging, and took time to visit with me and wish me well.  I have never been more honored then when he asked if he could get a picture with me, so that he could send it to his friend Bobby Bare.  If you don’t know who either of those two gentlemen are, then you’re reading the wrong blog, ha ha.

I am looking forward to continuing this great partnership with FLW, and to many more opportunities to network and learn from the best of the best in both industries.  #thefishinmusician