Angler Spotlight – Drew Benton

1. When did you start fishing?  What was the catalyst?  I started fishing as kid, going bream fishing on the Apalachicola river with my Paw Paw. It was there that I caught my first bass on a cane pole. I remember it being small, but it fought much harder than the bream we were catching, and that had my attention.
2. If you could only use one lure, what would it be and why?  It would have to be a jig, because of its versatility and being able to mimic just about anything in a bass’ diet.
3. If you could fish any body of water in the world, what would it be and why?  Flint River for shoal bass! They are just an awesome, aggressive, hard fighting fish, and I love every aspect of chasing them – from navigating the treacherous shoals to fishing the ripping current.
4. You’ve had an incredibly successful career thus far, which achievement would you say is the most special to you?  Winning my first tour event is still the biggest accomplishment, from both a confidence and a financial standpoint.
5. Who has been a mentor for you in the fishing industry that you feel has made an impact on your professional career?  I feel like, for the most part, everyone on tour wants to see their competitors do well, to an extent. Yes, we want to beat each other’s eyes in in the events, but we are all in the same boat trying to make a living fishing. That’s where fishing is different from anything else, because we often lean on each other for support and advice, and really I couldn’t narrow that down to one person, it’s a collection of guys all after the same goal.
6. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a pro fishing career?  Focus on fishing, and spend as much time on different bodies of water as possible. This will make you more diverse, as well as give you experience, and there is no substitute for time on the water. Also, make fishing for fish the priority and sponsors will come. Too many anglers have gotten away from that…catch fish and sponsors will come.
7. On the 2018 tournament schedule, which lake are you most excited about?  Why?  I am most excited about Grand Lake, because it is a bass factory.  And, at the time of year we will be there some spawning should be going on, and that’s right up my alley!